Planting the Seeds for Local Chess Players

I’m trying to squeeze this blog in as I’m working through my CPE (Continuing Professional Education) on a Sunday afternoon. I just finished hours and hours of CPE and have much more to do. I’m taking a short break to remind those players 50 years and older of an upcoming free chess tournament.

Free, what does that mean? Well for the players it means zero cost to play in the tournament. For my co director and myself it means lots of planning before the event takes place to acquire the site, promote the event, get players registered and more. Tournaments for players 50 and over don’t just happen but takes someone getting the idea and convincing other people it’s worth the effort.

My friend (Felix Fierros) and I were chatting a few months ago on how there should be a tournament for the more “seasoned” players. Both of us have put tournaments together in the past, we worked out the details and Felix managed to secure the playing location. We are in the last few weeks before the August 13, 2022 tournament.

If you are 50 and older, play chess and want to do your part to grow chess locally then please consider participating. If we have a significant turnout then we will likely consider planning another next year. If participation is low then it may be awhile before we decide to commit all the time it takes to run another senior tournament. There have been many players who grew up and played here in town. I’m sure quite a few moved away but that still leaves many more who are here and perhaps could use a non-rated senior’s only tournament to rekindle that old love of chess.

I’m looking to see what will happen and I’m willing to bet other tournament organizers in town are too.

Senior’s Chess Tournament (50yrs and older)
Julia Yates Semmes Library Branch
15060 Judson Rd, SAT 782475

Check In – 10:15am
1st rd begins 11am.
30 min time control each side
Ribbons for top 6 places.

Contact Felix Fierros at